Public Speaking


Do you want me to come present at your university, parent group, conference, agency, HR department or local professional group? I’m getting geared up for 2015 and I love to travel. Here’s a downloadable press kit for you to use if you want to propose a speaking engagement to the decision-makers at your workplace!

And now you can listen for free to a sample presentation of “Rethinking Gaming Addiction: Video Games and Psychotherapy” here!

If you are looking for a presenter on using social media in health or education, this gives you a sense of my approach.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

SXSW 2015- Better Living Through Minecraft

University at Buffalo-Understanding and Addressing Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

UMass Amherst- Social Media, Sexting and Cyberbullying

Sage College- Drama In The Digital Age: Emerging Adults and Social Media

Boston College High School- Minecraft and Student Success


MA Department of Mental Health

Horace Mann School


Harvard Medical School Conference on Child Psychotherapy

Boston University School Graduate School of Social Work


Downloadable Epic Press Kit:

Press Kit